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Cashmere shawls

Chasmere is the finest range of Pashmina blended with the purest Cashmere available and woven together with silk to give a soft beautiful and versatile shawl that is both incredibly warm and elegant.
The true Pashmina is the wool from the neck and the underbelly of the "Capra Hircus" goat that thrives only in Himalayan Plateaus at 12-14 000 feet. The high altitude, the climate, the goat's special genetics together with the food they eat enable it to grow this unbelievably soft, light and silky wool called Pashmina. Although it is new to the West, in India and Nepal it has appealed for generations. Wealthy families certainly included Pashmina for their daughter's dowry.

Now India bazaar has made available to its valued customers shawls of the finest quality and in a range of scintillating colours. We offer you quality products at the direct manufacturing prices.

These designer shawls will enhance your personality and will be cherished for generations to come.


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