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Kurta pajama 5

Kurta pajama 5
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Soft Silk Kurta pyjama
Kurta is cotton lined
Made to order with your size and color choice

More details:
Like many other apparel-art and design, salwaar kameez or Kurta too is a gift to the Indian traditional wear by the great Mughals. In their custom, both men and women enjoyed this apparel cut in long flowing panels. Elaborately embroidered with real gold and silver threads, studded with precious gemstones, those Kurtas of the Mughals weighed nothing less than 5-10 kilos. As time passed, the modifications were made according to the comfort and affordability of the people. Though the source of inspiration remains the same old Mughal fashion, many changes are seen in today?s style of Salwaar Kurta. It is a main women?s apparel among the north Indians. However its comfort and easy-to-maintain qualities has made it universally popular. They are worn both in winters and summers. The material for the summer and winter salwaar kameez changes suiting the weather conditions. Summer welcomes crisp and light cottons, while winter gives way to all heavy and thick materials.

In present time, the most popular style of salwaar Kurta for women is the A-line cut style; this gives a good shape and comfort to body. The style popular among men is the straight cut with side pockets. The prints commonly seen on this apparel in summers are block print and tie and dye of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The hand embroidered ?chikankari? of Lucknow is also very popular for it?s traditional rich look and values. The winter Kurtas are in silk, satin, and other thick materials. Handloom material however suits both the times.
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