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indian Nose chain 15

indian Nose chain 15
nose chain
Indian Kundan nose chain. its attach with your nose ring to hair on above your ears
Un-Pierced nose chain.
hand-made with Kundan stones

More Details:
Every women like to have earrings. and its important jewel for belly dancer.
In history of India girls can not wear earrings , only married women allowed to wear nose rings. Wearing nose ring was the symbol of married women's. so if girls is not wear earrings its mean she is still virgin. but now every girls even kids love to have nose rings. but piercing the nose some time feel pains and if you wear nose heavy nose rings or nose chain your nose pierce get larger
so most of girls and women's avoid to pierce the nose, But as no any girls miss the chance to wear beautiful nose rings jewellers design un pierced earrings. so its fashioned every country to wearing un pierced nose ring.
we get some designs of nose rings and nose chain. we keep update new design and replace sold nose rings with new designs.
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