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Ankle bells 3 rows

Ankle bells 3 rows
gungaroo anklet with brass bells
Pair of Dancing bells Anklets in 3 rows
with soft velvet padded and tie strings
sweet sound of 3 rows of brass bells

More Details:
Anklet is very first jewellery for any girl will love to wear. Indian girls wear anklet since child hood. new baby girls get first gifts from grand parents is anklets. some traditions in country anklet is also symbol for single or married womens. if girl wear anklet in right leg she is single and available if she wear anklet in right leg she is married and not interested. so i suggest you wear anklets in both legs without giving any clue about your life to any one. anklets also known payal and payjabas in india. with little bells in anklet make sweet sound for any house women's. which also give your music appearance at home or party. wear heavy payal with some large bells with extra sound called jankaar payal. jankaar word mean sweet bells sound. so the jankaar payal have lot of bells to make beautiful sound for any dancer...here we select best design of anklets pairs. decorated with stones and jewels. we keep updating new designs of anklet. so keep follow this section and enjoy your anklet shopping
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Anklet size = Measurement around ankle
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