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Used silk sari 48

Used silk sari 48
used vintage sari
Expensive bridal silk sari
with very expensive zari work. In good condition
As-new condition
Length approximately 5-yds. Width 44".

More Details:
sari is fancy indian wear and used lot of zari and embroidery. in history the time gold or silver was not that expensive the embroidery was done with pure gold and silver. as that's get expensive they mix other metals to make zari thread. now its not possible to get expensive zari and beautiful zari been done in past centuries. indian women's stock saris from generations. as time change fashion women's do not wear old design saris. some embroidery artist start to shift the embroidery part on new fabric as patch embroidery and make as new sari. so you can have new sari fabric but vintage embroidery. women's love the new art and open the boxes of old vintage saris. costume designers go door to door and collect used saris from women's. we found there is lot of saris which are still very new conditions as the quality of fabric used in past was really good compare today. so we give some good price to women's for used sari and brought it for you in very reasonable price.
this saris can be used to make your costumes, belly dance costumes, party wear salwar kameez, sari curtains, bed spread, wall hangings, talble cover, sofa cover and many more items.
we also collect un sold out of fashion saris from sari stores. in very low price. and bring u in very reasonable price.
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