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Hanuman print 4
hanuman print
Hanuman Print 12"x15" (other size can be order on request ) please contact Rama was the oldest son and heir-apparent of King Dasharatha, but the king had more than one wife. One of the other mothers wanted her son to take the throne, so she arranged for Rama to be sent into exile in the forest, with his wife and other brother, Lakshmana, for 14 years, during which time the old king died of grief for the loss of Rama. The younger, son who was unwilling to rule, put Rama's sandals on the throne and served as a kind of regent. When Ravana abducted Sita, Rama gathered an army of monkeys, with Hanuman at the head to fight Ravana. They rescued Sita and installed Ravana's brother on his throne. There is a Hindu festival that dramatizes these events. Satprakashananda describes general tendencies in folk festivals in India. Hanuman known with other names: Mahabali (Most powerful), Bajrangbali (most powerful), Pavan putra (son of air/wind), Sankat mochan (problems remover), Monkey god etc. Note: divine prints and posters for your temples or hanging in fraims of your house give you positive energy in house. its important you always have divine energy in your house. divine prints can be in any religious you believe in. Hinduism have lot of divine prints. so we try to find best new designs of divine pictures here. but we also have more then Hinduism prints such as Sikhism , Islam, Christian religion. some of our designs been popular from long time and always available. but every time new design with colors available in market. we try to add new designs so you can add your order. if the design you order is out of stock we sent you latest design of divine prints very similar you order. we also add couple of extra latest design prints.

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