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Ashthagandha Powder for Pooja

Ashthagandha Powder for Pooja
Ashthagandha Powder for Pooja
50 Gram

usage of Ashthagandha powder
Aashta is eight and gandha is smell in sanskrit so its mean smell of eight mixture:
Ashthagandha is a holy mixture of 8 different items (viz., golochan, Kesar, Kapoor, bas , haldi, Kachli, Itra Muske Ambar & Naag Kesar) and is used in puja.
It's aroma creates meditative atmosphere and destroys negative energy

More details : Puja or pooja is praying the god in Hinduism, according religious several type of items to pray for god or goddess. if you are not in India. its not easy to find every item been used in pooja. even you find the pooja items you are not sure if they are pure or stock from long time. and you pay them a lot more then real value. since pooja items is high consume in India. we always get you fresh quality and best price for all pooja items or religious accessories here
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