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Copper Lota
jeti lota
Copper Lota: This small beautiful vase is of the finest copper and perfect for Pooja.

Available in all size. Price is vary as per size.
Please select size which reflect the price

250 ml : Approximately Circle Size 6 cm., Height 7 cm., Capacity 250 ml.
500 ml : Approximately Circle Size 8 cm., Height 10 cm., Capacity 500 ml.
750 ml :Approximately Circle Size 10 cm., Height 12 cm., Capacity 750 ml.
1000 :Approximately Circle Size 12 cm., Height 15 cm., Capacity 1000 ml.

Important:Copper lota is only pot used in prayers and pooja, which used for Water, Paanchmarat (Mixture of milk (one spoon)+ Curd (2 spoon)+ honey (1/2 spoon) + Ghee (1 spoon) + Water 15 times then other items)
Also Use for jalabhishek of shiva (Which every day help you to remove your all problems.)
Keep water overnight in copper lota and drink in morning help you all kind of decease.

More details : Puja or pooja is praying the god in Hinduism, according religious several type of items to pray for god or goddess. if you are not in India. its not easy to find every item been used in pooja. even you find the pooja items you are not sure if they are pure or stock from long time. and you pay them a lot more then real value. since pooja items is high consume in India. we always get you fresh quality and best price for all pooja items or religious accessories here
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