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Bhandhani tie dye Scarf 13

Bhandhani tie dye Scarf 13
Bhandhani tie dye Scarf 13

Rajasthani Bhandani
Multi Color Cotton Bhandhani Scarf
2 yrds x 42" Traditional Tie dye Bhandani Scarf

More about Indian Tie dye:
Tie dye is one of traditional art to design your fabric. before dying fabric. women design the craph on fabric and tie the small to large notes with thread. as the dots are small and busy the tie dye fabric is more expensive. after tie the knots on fabric they dye the fabric as per colors. once the fabric dye we can open the fabric and beautiful prints. in this days companies scan and print designs as per tie dye. you can not find out if its original tie dye bhandhej fabric. buying from companies printed tie dye fabric is killing art of tie dye. we suggest you before you buy tie dye textile make sure its original

India have state of rajasthan and gujrat is populr for bhandhej. bhand is hindi word of tie, its could called bhandhej or bhandani fabric or sari.. State of gujarat, jaamnagar, rajkot etc are famove bhnandi places. state of rajasthan. Jodhpur, jaislmer, jaipur and udaipur are most famous bhandni tie dye art. in every rural areas you can find women's tie the fabric and sale to fabric stores they can dye in any colors.
its hard to find tie dye fabrics in days compare to past. because there is not as much business for them as before. reasons printed fabric with low cost. we try to get them business to alive the beautiful art of tie dye.
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