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Indian Bed sheet 28

Indian Bed sheet 28
indian bed sheet
Indian Bed sheet 28
Queen size bed sheet
100% Superior cotton Indian bedsheets in Queen size {Flat size 90" x 108"}
with two pillow cases 17" x 27"
if you have king size bad we can do add plain solid matching color cotton 9" all around to convert in king size.
with extra cost

More details about Indian bed sheet:
Bed sheet or bead spread of India is well famous in world.
specially huge market of indian textile know where importers around world buy. hand made and block printed textile and bed sheet
Panipat in haryana, and jodhpur, jaipur, jaislmer,Sanganer, Bagroo, Pali and Barmer. around jaipur rajasthan is well known block printed bed sheets.

Block Printing
Block printing is popular in India. Bleached cotton and silk fabric is printed with the help of wooden blocks. These wooden blocks have beautiful carved designs on them. Firstly the outline block is prepared, which is followed by blocks for filling in different colours. Only three or four colours are used. Traditional motifs and designs are used in this technique. Generally floral patterns, human and animal figures are represented. Usually natural dyes are used to colour the fabric.

The important centers of block printing in Rajasthan are Jaipur, Sanganer, Bagroo, Pali and Barmer. Sanganer is famous for the finest block printed cottons. The Bagru prints are popular for their floral designs, while prints from Barmer are known for their bold geometric patterns, called 'Ajrakh'. The printers of Barmer use darker shades of blues and reds

we have listed some design of indian bed sheets. but we have suppliers who can wholesale supply of block printed bed sheets in queen size, single bed, king size.
you can suggest us colors you like to match with your room. we will get you best available colors and design of bed sheet
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