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Durga 11
durga print
Durga Print 12" x 15" (other size can be order on request ) please contact Durga is an ancient grain-and-battle goddess who, in latter times (post 400 C.E.), was identified as a member of the Kali- Sati- Parvati- Durga- Gauri- Ambika- Uma- Candi class of goddess, all of whom are formerly regional "great" goddesses later syncretized as aspects of "the bride of Siva." In recognition of her origin as a grain goddess, in many Indian villages her effigies are placed on mounds of clay into which five types of grain have been pressed and embedded. She is said to only visit the villages once a year, during her annual festival, when she takes a vacation from her husband Siva. She is also a patroness of soldiers, and in some places a special feast day is set aside during which her blessings are invoked upon military weapons. As with all the other Hindu goddesses, there are many contradictory popular accounts of Durga's origin and exploits. One of the most common modrn tales of Durga's origin centers around her most famed feat, the killing of the man-monster Mahisha, who took the form of a bull and attacked the gods. It is said that for this battle, she was armed with the weapons of all the gods, non of whom could defeat the demon because he was immune to death at the hands of a male. Note: divine prints and posters for your temples or hanging in fraims of your house give you positive energy in house. its important you always have divine energy in your house. divine prints can be in any religious you believe in. Hinduism have lot of divine prints. so we try to find best new designs of divine pictures here. but we also have more then Hinduism prints such as Sikhism , Islam, Christian religion. some of our designs been popular from long time and always available. but every time new design with colors available in market. we try to add new designs so you can add your order. if the design you order is out of stock we sent you latest design of divine prints very similar you order. we also add couple of extra latest design prints.

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