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banjara jewellery 7

banjara jewellery 7
banjara jewellery
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Hand crafted colorful banjara jewellery
Beautiful banjara necklace, earrings,
Waist belt, Anklet and aremlets
Damani head dress
Made with colorful wool and shells

More details:
Banjara is gypsy tribe of india. Banjara peoples are well know to craft own jewellery by usual things from life. they used to make jewellery by coins, beads, wood, bones. as they are gypsy peoples mostly travel all the time. they used to make jewellery with stones and bones. later this jewellery been made with coins and colorful beads. we follow banjara peoples and collect some banjara jewellery for you.. they are not very much to craft jewellery and costume. as they mostly busy and make good money to make arms and tools. but we have found some selected jewellery for you.. hope you will enjoy it.
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