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Wholesale Tribal kuchi Necklace

Wholesale Tribal kuchi Necklace
Wholesale indian jewellery
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Hand-crafted Kuchi Jewellery in wholesale price

We also deal wholesale indian tribal jewellery.
You can buy assorted design of indian kuchi jewellery. in price as per quantity.
All Jewellery will be best assorted design from all price range between $24 to $35 Price tag
Each jewellery will contain Necklace with earrings. Packed in Plastic box with bubble wrap and Jewellery picture on the bottom of box.
We will choose best assorted designs of necklace.
Please select quantity between 50 to 500 jewellery box.
More Details:
Tribal Jewellery also known with various name in different tribes of world. and well known names are , Afghan Kuchi Jewellery, gypsy tribal nomad antique ,ethnic belly dance costume jewellery, Most popular tribal jewellery comes from Afghan, Mexico, Pakistan, India, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnatka, Maharastra, Andra pradesh, Manipur, Morocco, Waziristan etc.

Tribal jewellery is the spirit of mankind articulated in shapes and designs. The indomitable character, strength of spirit, ancestry and oral myths and legends of these people were handed down from generations to find a safe haven in the various tribes and their ethnic culture.
In India, the trend of ethnic tribal jewellery still survives among the various tribal people inhabiting different corners of the country
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Our price: $25.00