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Bindi 2018

Bindi design for decor your Arm, Ankle, Back , back neck, its 1-3" large bindi design...depend on design..

A Woman's Beauty Increases 1000 times with A Beautiful Bindi
We have selected Bindi designs more then 10000 designs which are assorted change design color and styles.
we have selected best design by our girls. who choose this design to sale online. if you order only one piece of bindi you get exact same design. but if you add more then 1 quantity of this design. its may get similar design of bindi as we do make each design as unique then other.
One packet of bindi can hold 1 to 7 even more. Price is vary of bindi packet depend on design used , stones and other accessories.
Please do not calculate price as per quantity of design. because we are very careful to select price depend on quality of items used.
Bindi packet hold 1 bindi can be expensive then bindi packet which hold more bindies...you always get best quality as per price.
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