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radha krishna Idol 1
Radha Krishna
Radha Krishna Print 8" x .12" (other size can be order on request ) please contact Legend has it that young Krishna was a very mischievous child. Being very dark himself, he was envious of Radha's fair complexion. Once, Krishna asked his mother Yashoda about the unjustness of nature; Radha was so fair and he was so dark. Child Krishna began crying as he asked this. To calm him done, Yashoda told him to go and smear Radha's face with any colour he wished. Young Krishna, at once, heeded to what his mother advised. Naughtily, he applied colours onto Radha's face in order to make her look like him. The Indian traditional art forms wonderful record and pay tribute to this legend. There are numerous murals and paintings depicting Krishna's prank of applying colour on and playing with Radha and other gopis. There are numerous other legends associated with Krishna and Radha. There is yet another legend that gives an explanation about Krishna's dark complexion. It is believed that a demon once made an attempt to kill baby Krishna. The demon gave the baby poisoned milk that would cause him to die. Though Krishna did not die, he turned blue. Later, the demon was reduced to ashes. As the spiritual love affair between Krishna and his devotee Radha became more and more popular, even his prank of applying colour on Radha with other gopis became famous throughout India. Gradually, the application of colours using water jets was acknowledge widely. Soon, it gave rise to a tradition which further evolved and gained full status as a festival called Holi. On the occasion of Holi, lovers yearn to smear the faces of their beloved in different bright colours. Applying colours on each other marks the bond of love they share. Places that are closely associated with Krishna and Radha include Mathura, Vrindavan, Barsana and Nandgaon. Every year, the colourful celebration of Holi festival pays tribute to the divine love between Krishna and Radha. Carrying of Radha Krishna idols in an embellished palanquin is also a tradition in some parts of India. The palanquin is followed by a procession dancing and reciting devotional hymns as a tribute to the lord. Note: divine prints and posters for your temples or hanging in fraims of your house give you positive energy in house. its important you always have divine energy in your house. divine prints can be in any religious you believe in. Hinduism have lot of divine prints. so we try to find best new designs of divine pictures here. but we also have more then Hinduism prints such as Sikhism , Islam, Christian religion. some of our designs been popular from long time and always available. but every time new design with colors available in market. we try to add new designs so you can add your order. if the design you order is out of stock we sent you latest design of divine prints very similar you order. we also add couple of extra latest design prints.

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